Vegetables 24/7  

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TargoMAT (pol. “Marketbox”) vegetables 24H/7

Targomat (pol. “Marketbox”) is our answer to the contest organized by BMW and Bęc Zmiana Foundation. The subject was to introduce a device that would enhance the life quality for the inhabitants of the contemporary cities and would correspond with sustainable development ideas. Ansambl's proposal is a machine which can support local food producers, help their products to reach wide range of people (customers) and in this process - enhance the health and overall life quality of the city inhabitants. In Poland, locally produced food of a high quality is sold on small market places distributed across the cities. Due to short opening hours, people who work full time, rarely can buy their food on those markets. They are doomed to do their shopping in big department stores. The machine that we are introducing, integrated with a web platform, would allow everyone, do the shopping on local markets, despite of working hours. The client would order the products through the Internet. The farmer would place the products in the boxes of Targomat located next to the market. The customer would pick them up when it's most convenient for him or her. The web platform would provide us with the information about how many kilograms of apples, carrots etc. we bought and how many kilometers they traveled to reach place where we obtained them. At the same time, we will know how many kilograms of carrots, particular farmer already has sold, as well as where his farm is located. It would be also possible to comment on the farmers and their products. In this way, we are bringing social certification system. Usually products are certified as healthy and natural through long, and complicated process, often too complex for small farm owner. Even though his products are often natural and healthy they are not certified. The lack of advertisement seems to be an issue also. Very often people are not aware of the quality and availability of this kind of food in their closest neighborhood. We hope that information about where our food comes form and who produces it, will encourage people to go to the market place on Saturday, meet, say „hello” and this would eventually enhance social connections in the neighborhood. We hope that our design will improve all presented aspects of peoples life on both sides, - the local food producers as well as consumers.