DIALOGUE in design  


Our group emerged from deep need to search new paths in architecture. It represents our interests and passions. Manifests our urge to act and experiment. Word “Ansambl” comes from French and means choir formed from soloists. This word illustrate our group. We are individuals with different skills, abilities and passions, connected in common goals. Our ambition is to be interdisciplinary team ready to work out wide range of architectural problems and challenges. Dialog which lets us cooperate is at the same time foundation to our activities. Our phlosophy is based on theoretical works, conducted experiments and workshops. We turned dialog in to a tool which we use with passion in process of creation. We are interested in architecture which serves human. We create spaces and forms which are interacting with its users. In this way, our projects are personal and individual. 

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We worked with..

Pracownia Obywatelska

Zofia Rostworowska
Interior Architect

Palce Lizać

Klub Kultury Piaskownica
Community centre

Gospodarne Osiedle Piaski Nowe
Citizens Local Group